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Set Book is designed specifically for the filming industry

Set Book connects industry professionals with property owners who want to host a filming or photography shoot in their home or space, allowing you creative freedom to choose something on the day you need it, within your budget.

Our platform allows you to explore properties in great detail with professional photography, floor plans, videos, all the location specs your heart desires and examples of how properties have been used in the past.

Fashion Photoshoot model looks through greenery at camera
Interview with a Photographer: Shannon Wappet

Staying inspired is a tough challenge for any creative in this oversaturated, online world. We chatted to Shannon Wappet about what keeps her inspired, her toughest challenges and funniest shoot moments!

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Australian film award ceremony in Western Sydney
Play your part in the Growing Australian Film Industry

The Australian film and television industry is under rapid growth, both in exports and GDP. As the industries net worth grows, so does it's expenditure; more money in means film and TV execs can spend more money on producing screen content. This means that they have higher budgets and produce record amounts of content. Get in at the ground floor by hiring our your home or business to creatives, why not earn some money while the industry is thriving?

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behind the scenes of the golem
Behind the Scenes of a Microfilm: The Golem

An exclusive first look at microfilm "The Golem" by Ryan Cauchi. See the 'behind the scenes' of how a Set Book film location in Sydney was used to amplify the film. 

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Behind the scenes on a film set
What to Expect when Hiring out your Space to Creatives

Hiring out your home or business as a photoshoot or film location can be a daunting experience if you don’t know what to expect. We're here tell you what it's really like, as well as a few Do's and Don'ts.

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model stands next to pumpkin cart in countryside photoshoot location
How to Capitalise on the Instagram Craze: With your House

Advertisers and brands would give an arm and a leg to get high reaching content in front of those eyeballs. Which is why they spend thousands of dollars crafting social media campaigns, planning everything from the models / influencers, the photographer, the hair and makeup and lastly; the location. 

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Actor gets hair and makeup done on location before short film scene
A New Kind of Passive Income

Forget renting your bed out to complete strangers, now you can open your home to film crews and photography teams!

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Summer Swimwear
How to Create Sunshine when there are only Clouds

Shooting summer campaigns in winter can be a challenge for the best of photographers. We spoke to Johanna Blinn about how she achieves that warm sunshine look all year round. 

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Time Warp

Strathfield South, Sydney, NSW
Starting at $900.00 per day

Classic Terrace with Atrium

Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW
Starting at $1000.00 per day


St Peters, Sydney, NSW
Starting at $900.00 per day

European Inspired Country Estate

Arcadia, Sydney, NSW
Starting at $1700.00 per day

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