Cancellation policy

Booking Changes or Cancellations (in accordance with Section 8 of the Set Book Terms of Service)

Below are the standard terms for Booking Cancellations, however please note that some Locations and Vehicles have different cancellation terms which are specified on the listings as well as on the booking invoice.

  1. Host Members and Creative Members must notify Set Book of any changes, modifications or cancellations to a Booking via the Website, and Set Book will communicate with the relevant Members about that change, modification or cancellation.
  2. Members acknowledge and agree that the following cancellation policy will apply:
    1. Subject to Sections 8.3 and 8.4, Members may cancel a Booking without consequence any time prior to 48 hours before the Booking Period is due to commence;
    2. If Creative Members cancel a Booking anytime within the 48 hour period before a Booking Period commences, the Creative Member will remain liable to pay the total Booking Fee to the Host Member;
    3. Members acknowledge and agree that Set Book will be entitled to retain the Services Fee from any Booking Fee that is payable regardless of whether that Booking is cancelled.
  3. Host Members acknowledge and agree that if they cancel a Booking within the seven (7) day period prior to a Booking Period commencing, a notice may be placed on the Host Listing that notifies other Members of the cancellation, and the Host Member's ratings may be affected by the cancellation.
  4. Members acknowledge and agree that if they continuously or regularly cancel confirmed Bookings, their Set Book Account may be suspended or cancelled by Set Book, at Set Book's sole discretion.
  5. If there are extenuating or unforeseeable circumstances that apply to a cancellation, Members may contact Set Book to apply for a waiver of any of the actions reflected under this Section, including the application of any Booking Fee, Host Listing notification, suspension or cancellation. Extenuating or unforeseeable circumstances will include without limitation the following:
    1. Severe, unforseen property damage or unforseen maintenance problems that make the Host Property unfit for the Intended Purpose;
    2. Natural disasters or severe weather incidents that impact the ability to use the Property for the Intended Purpose; or
    3. Unexpected death or serious illness of or injury to a Host or Creative Member or immediate family member.
  6. A waiver of the Booking Fee will be approved by Set Book at their discretion, taking into consideration any extenuating or unforeseeable circumstances.
  7. Set Book reserves the right to cancel a Booking if:
    1. A Creative Member does not hold Public Liability Insurance or does not supply certificates of insurance relating to the Public Liability Insurance to Set Book as required by Section 5.5 of the Set Book Terms of Service (Insurance); or
    2. It determines, at its sole discretion, that it is necessary to avoid any harm, damage, loss or injury to Set Book, other Members, third parties or property, or if any Member's registration to Set Book is terminated in accordance with these Terms of Service.

Full Set Book Terms of Service can be found here.