Beach to Bush Film Location

Beach to Bush

Pearl Beach, NSW, 2256

Anyone will be dazzled by the design and thoughtful styling of this bush cottage situated only a few minutes walk from Pearl Beach in the Central Coast of NSW. This recently refurbished 1927 beach house holds its original charm alongside more modern design additions of raw concrete walls and floors. Its medley of materials (including sandstone and timber) are perfectly fitted to its bushland setting. A working combustion fireplace will be an excellent addition to background shots, with ample light coming through the high windows above. Natural light continues to flow into all areas throughout the home. The backyard’s balcony is spacious and looks down over the bush below and gets regular visits from local wildlife. It has the potential to be a magical night time dining setting, with the addition of fairy lights. This secluded location would be most suited to small crews looking to film aspects of the local area, as a surfers house or as a quirky yet stylish beach/bushland home.

Additional Information:
Built Year:
Stairs to entrance: 12
Power: Yes 
Noise Level: Low
Natural Light: High
Parking: Driveway & street parking 

Location Access Notes

A number of steep steps to access property. Full Day bookings only

Parking Notes

Must not use the neighbours driveway to park. 2 cars fit into the driveway by reversing, otherwise street parking.

Location Styles

Beach / river house

Location Features


Location Rules

Approval is required to move any furniture or artwork
No smoking inside

Location Amenities

Change room
Food nearby
Kitchen facilities

Location Crew Access

Owner will provide access
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