Mountainside Cottages Film Location

Mountainside Cottages

Mount Glorious, QLD, 4520

Tucked away on the side of Mount Glorious are three timber cottages surrounded by an idyllic national park. Set on 15 acres, the three spaces each bring their own unique style to the typical rainforest bed and breakfast and are perfect for scenes involving a rainforest retreat.

The first cottage features a bright modest bedroom with large windows, allowing your actors to be visually surrounded by nothing but green forestry. The common living areas featuring stunning deep-red wood panelling, a cozy fireplace, and red furniture sure to compliment the stylings of your production designer.

Located in a quiet corner of the property, the second cottage is a two-level space with a loft-bedroom and a verandah overlooking the rainforest. With touches of hand-crafted woodwork and metalwork throughout the space, this cottage is designed to feel one of a kind. The light-timber panelling invites natural light into the rustic bathroom.

The final space on the property is a self-contained suite, featuring a large bed with a detailed wooden canopy. This impressive property is made for your next production.

Please note each cottage is hired separately at the noted rate. 

Additional Information
Build year:
House (2010); Cottage 1 (1970); Cottage 2 (2012)
Stairs to access door: 8
Property Size: House (250 sqm); Cottage 1 (55 sqm); Cottage 2 (85 sqm) all set on 15 acres
Power: Yes
Noise Level: Quiet
Natural Light: High
Parking: Difficult
Additional house rules: All rubbish to be taken by crews

Parking Notes

Parking on the property is limited. On-site parking available. No street parking available. No parking on grassed areas.

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Location Features


Location Rules

No parking on the grass
No smoking inside
Smoking permitted outside only

Location Amenities

Food nearby
Kitchen facilities
Smoke detectors
Vehicle Access

Location Crew Access

Owner will provide access
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