Loft Style Apartment Film Location

Loft Style Apartment

Marrickville, NSW, 2204

Perfectly located in Sydney’s Inner-West, this 3 bedroom sun-drenched location is ideal for photoshoots, TV and film. 

Internally, the property boasts a relaxed boho vibe with an eclectic mix of artworks and furniture. Standout features include the kitchen with unique pendant lighting and a serving window. Floor to ceiling glass windows with bar seating in the open living/dining room form a connection to the outdoors while hanging timber beams and a mix of greenery further complement the space. The modern bathrooms feature sleek grey tiles, warmed by timber accents - the main bathroom also boasts a luxurious bathtub and skylight.

This light and airy location provides the perfect canvas for commercial shoots or could serve as a family or holiday home on a TV series.

Additional Information
Built in: 2018
Stairs to access door: 22
Power: Yes 
Noise Level: Quiet but in flight path
Natural Light: Yes

Location Access Notes

This property is not wheelchair accessible

Parking Notes

Unmetered/untimed street parking.

Location Amenities

Accessible by public transport
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