Vibrant Restaurant Film Location

Vibrant Restaurant

Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

From the outside this terrace restaurant looks like just your average space, but when you pass through the front courtyard, you suddenly step into a magnificent treasure trove of colour. Murals from wall to wall depict traditional Indian culture with a modern twist. There are plenty of interesting pieces of furniture around the edges of the rooms, with the tables taking centre stage next to a beautiful original fireplace. Blue wooden panelling on the bottom half of the walls gives it an extra colour shock. 

Follow it through to a small, vintage bar tucked away in the corner.

There is also an outdoor area which would be great for gear / unit.


Parking information:

Free, timed street parking only

No loading dock

Additional Information:

Built in: 2000’s

Stairs to access door: 5

Property Size: N/A

Power: Yes

Noise Level: Medium

Natural Light: Dark (easy to block)

Parking: Difficult

Location Access Notes

The commercial kitchen is off limits, unless specifically requested.  Wheelchair access is possible from the rear

Location Styles


Location Rules

Approval is required to move any furniture or artwork
No smoking on site

Location Amenities

Accessible by public transport
Emergency Services Nearby
Food nearby
Mobile coverage
Smoke detectors
Vehicle Access

Location Crew Access

Owner will provide access
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