Country Farm with Pool Film Location

Country Farm with Pool

O'Connell, NSW, 2795

It’s a cosy, damp winter evening with the campfire crackles starting and the setting sun lingering in the west, hanging just above the horizon. Suddenly, gunfire… well you can see where this script is going, can’t you? Make this location your own; a motel with all modern luxuries such as a tennis court, swimming pool and a games room. This could easily be staged as a rural farm, an outback motel, a family home in the country - it’s all here. The farm is home to horses, sheep and alpacas (the guardians of the sheep) on this dry, dusty farm in Central West NSW, where endless plains of long, dry grass glow golden in the sunset. Far out enough for the dry heat and outback elements, but close enough to town in case your crew get hungry.

There is limited phone reception out here, so plan carefully and bring your walkie-talkies, covered footwear and a 4WD if you think you’re going to explore the farm.

If you’d like to see this farm in action, check out the last ad campaign it featured in by Sprinkler Media:

Lendi Australia Commercial

Location Styles

Hotel / Motel
Low Income
Open field

Location Features


Location Rules

Approval is required to move any furniture or artwork
No open fires
No smoking on site

Location Amenities

Kitchen facilities
Tennis Court
Vehicle Access

Location Crew Access

Owner will provide access
Wheelchair Accessible
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