Large, Modern House Film Location

Large, Modern House

Maroubra, 2035

A modern, Australian home with large, open plan features and lots of available light. This home is perfectly presented with a number of living areas, both upstairs and down, polished floorboards, beautiful white accents and even a fireplace. Upstairs are adults and kids rooms alike, with a balcony showcasing just a slither of ocean views.

Quiet and high up, this location demonstrates stature and elegance. A built in swimming pool transports this beautiful backyard into a paradise.

Parking information:

Street parking available

Driveway can fit up to 2 cars

Additional Information:

Built in: 2015 

Stairs to access door: 13

Property Size: House 385sqm / Land 512 

Power: Yes 

Noise Level: Light

Natural Light: Light (easy to block)

Parking: Super Easy

Location Styles

Middle Class

Location Features

Floor to ceiling windows
Swimming Pool

Location Rules

Approval is required to move any furniture or artwork
No smoking inside

Location Amenities

Air conditioning
Emergency Services Nearby
Food nearby
Iron / Clothing hangers
Kitchen facilities
Mobile coverage
Smoke detectors
Vehicle Access

Location Crew Access

Owner will provide access
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