Sandstone Manor Film Location

Sandstone Manor

Cressy, TAS, 7302

Set on a perfect 125 hectares just 10 minutes from Launceston is this magnificent 1800’s, converted grain shed made completely from local sandstone. Fully renovated internally with modern kitchen and bathroom features, plus a lick of white paint on the brick. The living area has original beams across the ceiling and the entire house is modestly decorated with rustic furniture, wallpaper and dark wood features. 

This country house also has a large balcony overlooking the sprawling grass hills, a path down to the river (which is healthy enough for a swim) and a feature lavender garden. 

The other amazing secrets of this location are the old shed and original homestead. The shed is in good condition and currently used to store tractors and hay, but does look as though it may fall down at any moment. The original house is dilapidated and untouched for half a century - perfect for a horror film. This property is great for productions and events of all sizes, weddings and events are accepted too. 

Parking information:

On site parking for up to 40+ vehicles. 


Additional Information:

Built in: 1823

Stairs to access door: 1

Property Size: 308 acres / 125 ha

Power: Yes 

Noise Level: Quiet

Natural Light: Light (Easy to block)

Parking: Easy

Location Styles

Beach / river house
Historic Building
Middle Class
Open field
Upper Class

Location Features


Location Rules

No open fires
No parking on the grass
No smoking on site

Location Amenities

Change room
Emergency Services Nearby
Food nearby
Kitchen facilities
Mobile coverage
Smoke detectors
Vehicle Access

Location Crew Access

Owner will provide access
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