Architects Farm Film Location

Architects Farm

Pipers River, TAS, 7252

This unique, modern and architecturally designed house sits perched atop a small hill, overlooking endless grassy plains and a river down below. There are many unique features of this beautiful house, including the stunning outlook, sleek wooden exterior with exceptional shape - the roof sloping upwards. Set on a farming acreage, there are a variety of other elements which can be used for shoots, many contrasting the designer house. These include a fire pit, succulent garden, a muddy path through the fields to the shady gums at the river, an outdoor picnic table surrounded by gumtrees, a veggie garden and rainwater tank on stilts (as well as a sheep or two). Exceptionally landscaped, this modern treasure trove is perfect for garden shows, dates, short films and summer shots. 

A large tin shed sits at the back of the property, the perfect rustic look. A self-contained studio at the front, ideal for unit base. Beware of snakes and be sure to check out the river!
This rental is unit base and exterior only, unless otherwise agreed to. 

Parking information:

On site parking for up to 10 vehicles. 


Additional Information:

Built in: Unknown

Stairs to access door: 2

Property Size: Unknown

Power: Yes 

Noise Level: Quiet

Natural Light: Exterior only

Parking: Easy

Location Styles

Architect designed
Beach / river house
Open field

Location Rules

No open fires
No parking on the grass
No smoking on site

Location Amenities

Change room
Emergency Services Nearby
Food nearby
Kitchen facilities
Makeup space
Vehicle Access

Location Crew Access

Owner will provide access
Wheelchair Accessible
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