Modern Apartment Film Location

Modern Apartment

Little Bay, NSW, 2036

Located on the second floor of a newly built apartment block you will find a modern apartment with an open living space and glass windows that allow natural light to flow right through.

The balcony looks onto tree tops and has plenty of privacy. The singular bedroom opens with sliding doors onto the balcony giving it a spacious feel, and even more so because of the high ceilings. This apartment is easily adaptable from a design and styling aspect, due to its minimal furnishings.

The block of apartments itself has a garden and common area located in the centre of the building, that can be looked down onto. There are no issues with access, a common lift that takes you up and straight to the door of the apartment. The laundry room would be a good place to use to store crew gear. 

Additional Information:
Built in:
Stairs to access door: 0
Property Size: 70sqm (approx)
Power: Yes 
Noise Level: Quiet
Natural Light: High
Parking: Easy

Location Access Notes

This location is easily wheelchair accessible by using lift

Parking Notes

Normal underground parking connected with general lift; street parking.

Location Styles

Middle Class

Location Features

Floor to ceiling windows

Location Rules

No loitering out front of location
No smoking on site
Protective measures must be taken to ensure floorboards are not damaged

Location Amenities

Accessible by public transport
Air conditioning
Emergency Services Nearby
Food nearby
Iron / Clothing hangers
Kitchen facilities
Mobile coverage
Smoke detectors
Vehicle Access

Location Crew Access

Owner will provide access
Wheelchair Accessible
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